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All over the world people are slowly waking up. An awakening can be quite intens when our paradigm is shifting fast. It can be tough to let go of the old to make space for the new, especially when we don't see the new yet. I haven't really painted before my spiritual path started a few years ago when I turned 28. I mostly paint when I get an outburst of needing to process a vision or experience that is too intens to handle because of these fast shifts. When this happens, I stop doing anything else and go in super focus until it's finished. As if I give birth to every art piece I make that needs to land on earth. I don't really practise art. I only do it when I feel I am allowed to communicate my visions. Making art is such a sacred gift. With art we create visions and portals that shapes our future.

Have a look and feel if there's a piece that wants to find you. Having art as a daily input for the mind is a great way to reprogram yourself with frequencies that are coming from heart and soul. It downloads certain frequencies into your consciousness that can be of great benefit for you in this moment of your life. The artwork wants to find its new owners.

I ship world wide. You can pay with paypal, creditcard and ideal.

Nature is Law. Law is morality. Morality is God. God is love. Love is truth. Truth is science and science is Art.

I also sell Sacred Sun God Family Bracelets that helps and guides with going through destructive family patterns. 

The eye of Horus/ Eye of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God. The all seeing eye. The eye for protection. The eye that sees all patterns and dynamics. The destructive family patterns and dynamics that we are holding are caused by pain and fear, but when we look deeper into it and integrate it, we find eternal love underneath it.

For more information about the bracelets, have a look on this page

Shadow integration is being present with unpleasant emotions to create a good relationship with yourself.

Shadow work can be overwhelming and you can get easily lost when facing your shadow. Therefore I offer Light-portraits in which we create a portal for you in a guided meditation where we go back to before you were born to gather symbols, colors, a flower and an animal that will help guiding you on your life path. This portrait painting will always remind you of your journey here on earth and will offer you a connection with your inner light.

For more information about the Light portraits, have a look on this page

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