Art opens portals

Making art is a sacred gift. They are portals to other dimensions or the future. Are you a New earth leader and have a certain vision that wants to land on earth? Or do you want to manifest something with a group that serves the whole? I might be able to help with energetically support the manifestation. When the vision is painted, the way of manifestation will follow up. This doesn't mean it will be without bumps in the road, but that the bumps in the road will contain the lessons that is needed to get there.

I also have made paintings from my awakenings journey. Have a look to see if there is one calling you. To have art as a daily input can help you gaining certain vibrations that are useful to you in certain times. Every artwork is seeking for new owners.


I ship worldwide, you can pay through paypal, creditcard or ideal.

Shadow work is being present with unpleasant emotions to create a good relationship with yourself.

Shadow work can be overwhelming and you can get easily lost when facing your shadow. Therefore I offer Light-portraits in which we create a portal for you in a guided meditation where we go back to before you were born to gather symbols, colors, a flower and an animal that will help guiding you on your life path. This portrait painting will always remind you of your journey here on earth and will offer you a connection with your inner light.

For more information about the Light portraits, have a look on this page

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