Art to support your Heroes journey

Welcome, beautiful brave soul! You have come here because you are consciously on your heroes journey, healing your sacred wounds.


Going through our pain can be fucking hard, lonely, dark and really fucking painful. But as all lessons on planet earth, it always comes down to learning about love. To find the softness, the forgiveness, the kindness and warmth to embrace our sacred wounds, again and again. To open up our hearts a bit wider, become a bit more humble, and gaining a bit more wisdom, every step we take on this journey.

To experience that, what our souls have been longing for, for so long; a deep and safe connection with ourselves and each other.

May my sacred contract of the wounded healer and my gifts as an artist help you on your sacred contract. Feel what wants to attract to you. If you feel called to stay connected with me, you can also subscribe to my mailinglist where I share more personal information of my heroes journey and news about designs or projects. You also get a free phone wallpaper for self empowerment as a gift.

I wish you a beautiful profound journey with lots of help, love, connection and grace.


Your wounds are Holy


Every piece of artwork is connected to a part of my heroes journey. I am born incredible gifted, but what I didn't know, was that I had an imense childhood wound hidden in my subconscious. So when my Heroes journey started, I had huge unconscious shadows of my wounded ego, wanting to be special. Making my life one big extreme rollercoaster of curious events. Might my lessons serve you.

Click on an artwork you like, and see what I have in store for you. Enjoy exploring!

Visual Art


Sometimes I get visions of kinetic jewelry designs that want to land on earth. These eye of RA bracelets are made at the beginning of my heroes journey.


I am currently working on a kinetic necklace. You can stay updated thourhg my mailing list.


We know how hypnosis can reprogram your subconscious mind. But we can do this also with art.


I make portraits that work like a portal to your soul esteem, confidence and self esteem. A powerful tool that will always guide you back to the light, no matter how dark the place is where you can dwell.

Light portals

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Klanten service

Let art be the guide towards your soul

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