Art for wounded healers

Hi! My name is Mapije and I make art for wounded healers.

I am offering 1 on 1 Magical child activations and art-printed-products to help you callibrate to the frequency of the magical child that is within you. It's a journey of activating mystical inner parents, feeling through trauma with love and having faith.

Feel what wants to attract to you, the art will speak to you. Let the art guide you through the depths of your soul. They might touch a part of your past or future that needs to be healed or integrated.


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I also made a free phone wallpaper for your self empowerment as a gift, so you can experience the impact that art has.
I wish you a beautiful profound journey with lots of help, love, connection and grace.

Your wounds are Holy


Every piece of artwork is connected to a part of my journey. As I've been challenged in living a life of magic and play, I've been gathering the pieces for you on how to callibrate to the magic of the magical child archetype so you can integrate your sacred wounds while feeling supported by the cosmos.

Click on an artwork you like, and see what I have in store for you. Enjoy exploring!

Visual Art

Magical child Guide Activation

A 1 on 1 journey of 3 sessions with me where we discover your magical child myth, the wisdom in the archetypes and symbolism. Your magical guide who helps your wounded child to heal wounds  and a personal custom made symbol to tap into the power of that magical guide.


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