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Are you confused and tired of finding truth outside of yourself? Discover your inner compass and find truth within you with the principles of creation. These are universal and eternal truth's that make the circle of life possible. All of life are bound by these principles. So are you! Get yourself a free copy and discover your inner compass you have been born with!

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Pain visits all but suffering comes

not to those who welcome it's arrival.

Sacred Artwork

Prints of my awakening journey.

Commission work for manifesting support

for personal or corporate journey.

Light portraits

Sacred light portraits that open a portal

towards connecting with your higher self.

Finding your life purpose.

The Laws of Nature are mechanical and impersonal

Ceremonial clothing

I create dresses, costumes, bags and other special items for ceremonies.

Online courses

Expand your mind, expand your life, with

these online courses on spirituality, psychology and mysticism.

Do not throw away your suffering. It is the fertile      soil that grows the flowers of truth.


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Truth is stored in your body.

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