We are born whole. But we are raised to suppress and deny parts of ourselves to fit in a system that is based on dogma and twisted foundations. To gain the love from our caregivers, which we need to survive in our childhood, we adapt ourselves into becoming slaves for a sick system. With the result of depressions, illnesses and a lot of suffering. During this process of fragmentation we lost parts of ourselves and forgot who we truly are. That we are multidimensional light beings and that each one of us have the power to create reality with every breath we take. The patterns and wounds that we inherit from our parents in our first 7 years are the building blocks for the reality we want to create. They show us what we don't want, so that we long for what we do want. These wounds are our blueprints for our lives and can create a beautiful future when we understand how the Laws of Nature work. These Laws, which I like to call the "Harmony Laws" can be used as a framework to master our lives. These are the Laws that we are all bound by, but we forgot how they work when we entered the dark age and therefore we create self inflicted suffering.


When we reconnect to our feeling-compass (our heart) while we work on our understanding of these Laws, we can guide ourselves through the pain and find back these parts that we denied. Giving them love and integrate them. Because how can you not love the darkness within you, when you can see that it is born out of pain? Our wounds are the cause of our deepest desires. They hold our gifts. Our wounds are so incredible Holy because they can manifest such amazing and beautiful things.


Pain visits all but suffering comes

not to those who welcome it's arrival.

About Mapije

When I was 4 years old, I gave myself this name. I was always creating things, designing things and playing make believe. Trying to run away from reality.

After art school I struggled to fit in the Dutch system as an artist. Then my spiritual awakening came at 28. My arms started to move around by themselves and I started to get possessed during the night, waking up in all sorts of weird positions. I thought I was going crazy and started making art to express myself. This was my calling to my Hero's Journey. I started traveling all over the world to find answers of what was going on with me. Along the journey I kept getting mystical Sun Deity experiences and I met several wizards and witches who helped me gain different perspectives on life and our consciousness. I realised that I was programmed, like everyone else, by a sick system.

I started attracting manipulative psychopaths that I had to run away from several times to keep myself save. This led me into the underworld. Here I found some keys that helped (and is helping) me going through my own shadows that have been attracting these situations.

Some of the keys that I found are called the Hermetic principles, the Laws of Nature or how I like to call them, Harmony Laws. With these Laws I can map out some structures which make it easier to go into the underworld of my own psyche and shine light on parts that are hiding in the shadow. Finding jewels underneath all the crap.

Which then led me into becoming a Sun Priestess, giving ceremonies to share Sun Deity energy with all who are ready to receive it. When we do this shadow work, we receive awesome gifts! But most of us are holding ourselves captive through the ignorance of the truth: That we are worth endlessly, that you are always enough and hat we have extreme power to create. Some of us never even start their Hero's journey.

In order to change our future, we need to change the causes that create the same effects we see in the past. All causes are mental, all effects are physical. The truth and the power absolutely lies within us. Doing our shadow work with love seems to be the answer to our worldly problems.   


You can buy my art and book a ceremony. I give private and group ceremonies. I also have been guided in creating sun-deity-bracelets that are available to those who hear the calling. And I make Light portraits as Sacred portals to help you in your shadow work to always stay connected with your inner light.


I love to unite and play together with other people, sharing knowledge and skills. So don't be shy to contact me.​


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Do not throw away your suffering. It is the fertile      soil that grows the flowers of truth.

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Truth can never be destroyed

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