Are you standing on the edge of changing your life but are afraid to jump? Do you feel you could use some support in this fast changing time?

We are at the beginning of an era of healing ourselves. With healing ourselves we heal the planet. Healing is the practise of becoming whole again after a life of dissociation and fragmentation. Which are natural ways to handle the unbearable truth of where we stand as a species.

We all have trauma inherited from our ancestors. Through the practise of self love & shadow integration we can bring back the parts of ourselves

that we lost and become more conscious of our inner compass that will lead us to our purpose and a meaningful life.

Wounds create desires, desires are the motor for creation. That's why our wounds are Holy.

I offer energetic support for those who take a leap of faith in life, through power-objects, healing arts and opening portals​; Artlignment

Pain visits all but suffering comes

not to those who welcome it's arrival.

Sacred Artwork

Prints of my awakening journey.

Commission work for manifesting support

for personal or corporate journey.

Light portraits

Sacred light portraits that open a portal

towards connecting with your higher self.

Finding your life purpose.

The Laws of Nature are mechanical and impersonal

Family bracelets

These all seeing eye bracelets help give protection in discovering family truths.

For generations to keep.

Amaterasu's dance

The Japanese sun Goddess has connected with Mapije to bring healing to the community through healing dance performance.

Do not throw away your suffering. It is the fertile      soil that grows the flowers of truth.


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Truth can never be destroyed, chaos is the miracle.

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