Visual arts

Every piece of artwork is connected to a part of my heroes journey. I am born incredible gifted, but what I didn't know, was that I had an imense childhood wound suppressed in my subconscious. So when my Heroes journey started 6 years ago, I had huge unconscious shadows of my wounded ego, wanting to be special, mis using my gifts. Making my life one big extreme rollercoaster of curious events. Might my lessons serve you on your journey. Click on an artwork you like, and see what I have in store for you.


Enjoy exploring!

Evolution of Scorpio

The four stages of scorpio.

Zodiac & planets

The archetypes of the universe.

Mind heart Awareness

Aligning thoughts & emotions.

True beauty

True beauty comes from the heart.


Honoring your desires.

The basics of earth

The basic principles of creation.

Cultivating Qi

Your body is an electric cirquit.

The Magic of Fire

Using the elements for healing.


Shadow surival archetypes.


Miracles become normal with Love.

Embracing darkness

Overcoming duality for peace.

Dark side of creation

Mis using our gifts through wounds.

Inner Mystical parents

Mystical parents nurturing you.

Creation & healing power

Electricity coming from our hands.

Inner child

The core of our happiness.

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