Cosmic Energetic Healing Performances for Healing groups


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After waking up multiple times during nighttime, in all kinds of weird positions like full bridge pose, I felt my life turmed into some kind of an exorsist movie. When I realised no one could help me figure out what was happening to me, I started traveling the world to seek answers.


When my journey brought me to South Africa, I ended up being at an underground little festival full of witches and wizards. I was just walking around, when I saw a man with a baby, who was just able to sit by itself, sitting on the ground with all these oracle cards layed out.

I came sit with them and the baby looked me in the eyes, grabbed a card and gave it to me. The card said: "Amaterasu", the Sun Goddess of Japan. Come out of the Cave.

As I was just invited to come to Japan by a friend. I knew this is where I had to go next, even though I didn't had much money and was an illiterate. In Japan I ended up in Kyoto in a Vegan Restaurant where I met a very special person who was playing the Japanese flute at a performance of a Japanese High Priestess. She danced energetically with Amaterasu. I learned how to work with and dance with energy from this Priestess.


I was then gifted antique kimono's to create a costume out of it. I didn't know what for exactly, but as life unfolded, everything started to make sense. I learned how to consciously work with cosmic archetypes who want to enter my body and manifest here on earth through my transformer arms.


Amaterasu comes from the Japanese shamanistic Shinto tradition. Her story is that she's the Sun Goddess of Japan, (yes, the sun is feminine in the Shinto tradition) and she gets into a fight with her brother the Storm God. She gets so scared that she starts hiding in a cave and doesn't want to come out. Since she's the sun, the whole world turns dark and the dark age began. Her brother and other deities are trying to get het out of the cave, but she doesn't want to come out.

They then create a party outside of the cave and put a mirror at the entrance of the cave.

When Amaterasu hears all these noises, she gets curious and peaks outside.

When she looks into the mirror and see's her beauty and light, she realises that the world needs her. Her light then becomes so strong that all evil will perish in the sight of her light. The dark age transforms into the Golden age.

I'm sharing this story with all you powerful healers and energyworkers who are super gifted but hide themselves. Come out of the cave, your wounds are Holy! you are needed to bring the Golden age to fruition.



Carl Jung has brought us so much knowledge on the realm of Archetypes. We also know that Ancient Greek worked with Cosmic Archetypes that were directly correlated to the archetypes of our solar system. Ancient Egypt used to work with Archetypes labeled as certain Cosmic Archetypes such as Isis, Osiris, Horus, Hathor, Toth or Anubis.


In the Hindu Traditions they've got many Archetypal Deities, each for different situations as well.

And many other shamanistic traditions work with cosmic archetypes to get power from them.

Learning the language of Archetypes is a very powerful way to gain a higher consciousness.

When we look at the cosmic blueprint of creation, we see that it consist of archetypes creating the wheel of life. such as the zodiac, with all the different levels of consciousness inbetween birth and death.

Please do know that I respect each and every religion but I am not into any 'religion' specifically. Through diving deep into the work of (survival) Archetypes, I found that Cosmic Archetypes such as Deities and Goddesses, from which ever tradition or religion, are cosmic frequencies that can help us give a certain frequency that we can work with, to make our life easier.

If you are reading this with your specific religion and you are confused of how I work with your Sacred Deities, please know that I do this work with the most respect to all religions. I am bringing a new perspective of how they can all co exist together without making one deity more powerful then the other, because they all have their own special powers.

If it wasn't for Amaterasu. I'm not sure if I would still be alive today.

She has helped me go through so much darkness.


We are living in a time where we are becoming conscious of how we are one world. Traditions are merging and religion is slowly being replaced by Natural Law and the Laws of our Psyche. While learning Natural Law I found that working with Cosmic Archetypes is actually a general tool, whichever name, religion or image you give it. Find a 'cosmic archetype' that resonates with you the most and calls you to work with, it will bring you so much power!