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Taming perfectionella is all about loving the shit out of your flaws.

Your judgements to yourself. Your judgements towards others.
Your judgements towards Perfectionella itself.

If you've been feeling stuck, strict, contracted, harsh, judgemental.

Going around in circles of being to hard on yourself and then hating on yourself for being to hard on yourself.


Trying to numb out this feeling of stuckness with addictions to get some sort of relief and then getting angry at youself right after for doing that to yourself!?


Holy shit, I get it!

I've been through it.

I've been through so many layers of this.

and I've found a way out.

that I want to share with you.

Sure you can do it all by yourself as well.

But being in my vibe in this container, will give you a great jumpstart on deepening it yourself afterwards!

Opening doors for you towards your desires.

Understanding your judgements better of where they are keys to open doors and where they are dead ends you don't want to go to.

Do you feel the pull?

Then come joing Taming Perfectionella.

a 3 week program on Perfectionism and judgements. We start in August!


Join me this friday
1.30 PM EST /
19.30 CEST


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