Come out of the cave, your wounds are Holy

In the Japanese old shamanic Shinto religion, the sun is feminine. This Sun Goddess is called Amaterasu. In her myth she get's really scared and hides in a cave. But because she is the sun goddess, the whole world enters a dark age. She is so scared, that she doesn't want to come out. Until she finally sees her own beautiful reflection in the mirror at the entrance of the cave. 

Most legends say we will return from a dark age into a golden age. Some think that Jesus will return of that some deity will come to save us. But we are figuring out now, that the deity who comes to save us, is ourselves. Because this beautiful light that we are looking for, the "Christ consciousness", is inside all of us. You and your gift are needed to create a harmonious system.

According to this legend, Amaterasu is still hiding in her cave out of fear, because she represents the hearts of the people.


The time is now for us to come out of the cave and share our light, gifts and wisdom.

The sun is the source of wisdom, the bestower of light and life. With it's unblinking, all-seeing eye, it will guarantee justice.

It's the universal connection to enlightenment and illumination.


The sun comes up and goes down which creates day and night.
This seems duality, but both are part of one whole day.

It is the sun who represents the enlightened being. The holy child.

The son of god. It is the spiritual gold we are all looking for.

The gold alchemists have been trying to create out of the

heavier metals. This gold is the light and this spiritual gold slowly

becomes our new currency.


The currency of freedom.

With the light that shines from the sun we can see clearly.

We can take a look at our own shadows and start to see the

consequences of our behavior. That we reap what we sow

and that we can not escape from this Law. It is this light that can

expand our mind, integrate our shadows with love so we change

our thoughts and change our behaviour.


We can start sowing what we want.

What is a Sun Priestess?

A priestess is a woman who hears the calling loud and clear to dedicate their life in becoming a vessel for a Goddess. A Sun priestess becomes the right hand of a Sun Goddess. As a channel for this Goddess, rituals and ceremonies will be held to serve communities and help them on their spiritual path. Giving blessings and sending gifts to those who are ready to receive it, in service to unity consciousness. She knows how to work with the shadows but walks in the light. She creates and destroys. She can manipulate energy. She does shadow work 24/7 for she cannot afford to do otherwise.

What does she do in a Ceremony?

A Sun Priestess sets a safe and Holy space for people to enter. Just before a ceremony she connects with a Sun Goddess and becomes a channel for her. Whatever the Sun Goddess wants to communicate, give and transform is what will happen in the ceremony. The Sun Goddess uses her vessel's hands to manipulate energy. With help of crystals and other magical objects, she will bring the body and mind back into Balance, sends blessings and gives gifts to those who are ready to receive. It is possible that sudden changes will happen in your life soon afterwards, these can seem destructive as for living in truth is a destructive process, getting rid of layers of illusion. But it will cause the alignment with your higher self and expand your consciousness. Trust and surrender. 

The intentions that Amaterasu and Mapije work with are:

* Aligning thought, emotion and action.

* Transforming wounds into power.
* Integrating destructive family dynamics to constructive ones.

* Finding your purpose.

* Aligning personal will with Higher Will.

* Living in harmony with Natural Law/Harmony Law.

Group ceremonies

In a group session, Amaterasu and Mapije work with the group as a whole. Each individual becomes part of a bigger whole that they work with. Collective wounds will be worked with while each individual will also gets personal attention for a short time. Groups that come together will come together for a reason. Collective energies will merge and we will work on that as a whole. Amaterasu will bless everyone individual in the group.

These group sessions are wonderful for: 
* Eco villages that are seeking a boost of spirituality to gain even more harmony within the village. 
* Spiritual developed social communities that want to boost their spirituality to a higher level.
* Birthday, or other events on special days where people come together to receive gifts.
* Mentally and/or physical handicapped people who seek some more flow in their energy meridians. 
The max. size of a group is 25 people. The best places to hold these ceremonies are spiritual centra, temples or yoga/zen spaces.
​A ceremony takes up 2 hours. 30 min. entering - 60 min. ceremony - 30 min. landing.

Private sessions

In a private session we will work with 1 to 3 people together. Each individual gets a lot of attention and complete focus. You can set an intention for yourself or you can ask the universe for what you need at that moment. Amaterasu will work with your energy on deep levels and higher dimensions. She can send you gifts, new powers, new insights and more flow in your life. It is possible that sudden changes will happen in your life soon afterwards, these can seem destructive as for living in truth is a destructive process, getting rid of layers of illusion. But it will cause the alignment with your higher self and expand your consciousness. 

A private session works well when: 
* You hear Amaterasu's calling to work with you.
* You are willing to let Amaterasu work with your energy on deeper levels.
* You are ready for a spiritual boost.
* You are ready for receiving new gifts or power.
* You are open for new perspectives on your old wounds.
* You are dedicated to do inner work on yourself. 

A private session takes up 2 hours. 30 min. entering - 60 min. ceremony - 30 min. landing.
It can take place at your own home or at Mapije's sacred place in Krommenie. 

Sungod Family Bracelets

The design of this bracelet came to Mapije in a vision at the beginning of her spiritual journey. It is the eye of Horus, the Egyptian Sun God. The all seeing eye. The eye for protection. The eye that sees all patterns and family dynamics. Constructive and healthy patterns, as well as destructive and unhealthy patterns. The destructive family patterns and dynamics that we are holding are caused by pain and fear. Something we can understand and have empathy for, but are also deep rooted in our programming and are hard to change.

If we want to break the destructive cycles that are causing power plays, illnesses and depression, we need to find the root causes of the pain and fear, integrate it to get to the universal love that is underneath it to live a healthy live. This is painful and can be very difficult. The energies that I work with as a Sun Priestess are about deep faith in beautiful guidance. Not just because it sounds nice to say, but because I have experienced it my self on a extreme deep level and I feel honored to share this kind of energies with you all.

Mapije's journey as a Sun Priestess

Just before I turned 28, I got a smack in the face of my Saturn return which started my spiritual journey. My arms started to move around by themselves and during the night I got possessed by all kinds of energies. Not knowing what was going on, I started to travel around the world to look for answers.

During my journey, different Sun Deities connected with me on different level; Horus, the Egyptian Sungod. Inti, the Incan sungod and the Japanese

Sun Goddess Amaterasu.


​After a baby gave me an oraclecard of Amaterasu, parts of her myth started to unfold in my life which became my initiation as a Sun Priestess. In Japan I got energy-dance lessons from Mizuho Asano and was gifted antique kimono's from a Japanese priestess. Not knowing what for, I made a costume out of it.

When hiding in my cave, I was puzzeling the pieces together for my life path. Step by step I received pieces of the puzzle. Until the image became visible, I decided to come out of the cave to share the gifts I received during my journey. Because I realised it is rude to keep our gifts to ourselves.

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