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Learn how to consciously open and close doors in your life, to walk your authentic path.

The information we hear becomes part of what we do and how our path will unfold.

But how do we choose who to listen to? With our intuition we would say.

We feel if something is right or not at this moment.

But the thing is, our intuition can be easily misinterpreted with our wounded child's needs to be seen and heard or can be blocked by our judgements caused by (ancestral) trauma.

When we judge a certain thing in a person, we sometimes don't want to listen to this person at all, while they may very well be the person that holds the key for the door of your desires.

Or we ignore our judgements that were meant to warn us.

We make choices based upon our judgementes every day and they have a big impact in our life.

In this masterclass I'm going to share the different judgements we can have so that you can learn to distinguish these and become more conscious of the choices you make.

Saturday aug. 7

19.30 CEST / 1.30 PM EST

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