The four stages of scorpio that is the evolution of the ego. The scorpion stings himself and his surroundings because of trauma responses. He reacts hatefull, trying to push others down as a survival mechanism and hurts himself and his loved ones in that proces. When the scorpio is done with this stage, he becomes the snake and turns inward going through the subconscious, looking for the trauma's that are causing the stinging. The snake is present with it's trauma to heal the pain and leave his skin behind to evolve into the eagle. The eagle has overview, can see from above and feels free. This is not a linear proces, rather a spiral. After the snake has been shedding his skin so many times, has experienced so many ego death's, it will then turn into the phoenix, who has been reborn many times and is not afraid of death. The phoenix understands on a profound level that all is one and that all life breaths together. It will risk it's life to safe others. This is a very rare stage, similar to Jesus and Buddha.


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