When we go through a heart break, loss, betrayal or something painful, we go through a very sacred journey of becoming free. When we learn to honor our pain and staying present with it, little by little, day by day, we find that the pain holds the wisdom to realize our dreams.

Opening our hearts on a deeper level so that grace can get in. Just like Rumi's famous one liner said:

"The wound is the place where the light enters you." - Rumi

When we honor our pain, we don't have to suffer so much. Feeling through our pain is such an incredible sacred process. It makes us more humble, empathic, softer, compassionate and connected to ourselves, others and the earth. It shows us the sacred path of our soul contract. It's the art of letting go of that what we think will make our dreams come through, while trusting that the intelligence of the universe has a much better plan for us that we humans can't comprehend. This means that all illusions and programs that don't serve us anymore, will have to crumble first so that only the truth will be left over and becomes visible. From there we can see where we truly are and the path of our desires opens up.


After I got into a tremendous heartbreak betrayal, a vision of this necklace pendant came through via my third eye. From this moment I went on a deep inner journey, while working on this pendant. It took 3 years to make, along with my internal process. I went through deep layers of hate, rage, pain and destruction. For over a year, I didn't dare to go outside and meet people, because the darkness within myself was mirrored back onto others, going straight back into my wounds.


With a lot of help from shamans, therapists and teachers, I managed to get more and more back into my own light. Opening my heart bit by bit, each day more and more. Every day I see more and more why this betrayal happened and how sacred it is. The teachings, the lessons, the consciousness, the wisdom, the gifts. My deepest desires are falling into place. This painful experience holds that what I needed to learn to make certain dreams come true.

This necklace pendant is very sacred to me. As it symbolizes the journey from pain to freedom. From war to peace. From hate to love. A daily reminder that, your wounds are Holy! It is 3D printed in bronze alloyed metal (Nickel free) and finished with my delicate handwork.

This necklace comes with an intention ritual of loving bedding. This frequency will be programmed in the pendant through a ritual. You can choose how much of an energetic exchange it holds by choosing different price options. Different price options have different intensity rituals.