A postcard of my artwork 'All seeing eye' size 10 x 15 cm.

This vision shows the path to enlightenment. The two pillars stand for the left and right brain, which stands for your inner King and Queen that rules your land of cells. The black and white floor are the two polarities of your emotions and the all seeing eye is the overal awareness that can master your life. 


There is space on the back to write your special message.

On the back it says "When the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine energies inside of you are both developed and balanced. The holy child of enlightenment will be created."


It can then play safely while the internal mother and father figure cares for it and watches over it.

Because we have been programmed by our caregivers in the first seven years of our lives, we copy their patterns and dynamics. Unfortunately, some of these are destructive. That's nobodies fault, it's just the way it grew. But if you want to change your life, it is important to become aware of these destructive patterns to change them in yourself towards your own inner child. Listen to what it has to say, it will tell you what it needs.


(feather, stamp and ink not included)

Postcard All seeing I

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Truth is stored in your body.

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