This will be a light portrait custom made for you that will work as a manifestation portal for your life.


This artpiece that I will create for you will be made in ceremonial way. I use crystals, feathers and/or shells to create a powergrid on the painting.


Have a look at this page, for more accurate information about these special Portal portraits.


I will create this with oilpaint on a 50x60 cm canvas.


For the Dutch

We will make an apointment in which we do a ceremony for the guided meditation together. After that, we do a photoshoot to create photo's that I will use as reference for the painting. If you have any crystals, feathers, stones or special objects from childhood that can be placed on the portal. Please feel free to bring them. Within a month the painting will be finished and delivered to you.

For overseas

When you order a light portrait, I will send you the guided meditation as a downloadable mp3. When you do this meditation. Be sure that you are in a space where you are not disturbed. Smudge the space clean and say: "This space is a holy space, all energies and entities that are not serving the higher good can go now." Place some candles to open the meditation and listen to the mp3.

Write down the visions and information. You will send this information to me. You also have to send me a good photo of you. If you make your own photo, be sure to use a lamp, candles or make it outside at sunset to create some beautiful light effects.

The painting will be done within a month and I will send it to you. (shippingcost is not included in the price)


      Custom Light portrait as Sacred portal

      • The postcards will be send by mail. The posters and bigger prints are send by parcel.

        I will send out your order within 3 business days.

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