As lightworkers we dive deep into the shadows where we can get lost.


Artworks are portals. When we use this tool consciously we can open portals to a lot of light. ✨✨


This is a higher self portrait custom made for you that will work as a manifestation portal for your life. It will always keep the connection with your inner light, no matter how deep you dive into the shadows.


This artpiece that I will create for you will be made in a ceremonial way. I use crystals, feathers and/or shells to create a powergrid on the painting.


Have a look at this page, for more accurate information about these special Higher self portal portraits.


I will create this with oilpaint on a 50x60 cm canvas.


Ever since I could hold a pencil, I have been drawing faces. Painting portraits is one of the gifts that I came with to earth. It is my passion to paint the heart of a soul.

For overseas

When you feel called to a higher self portrait, We do a video call to get to know each other and I will send you a guided meditation as a downloadable mp3

Write down the visions and information you receive in the meditation and we do another video call about the journey where you communicate your visions to me. You also have to send me a good photo of you that I can use for reference. If you have any crystals or atributes from childhood that you would like to have on the painting, you can ship that to me and I will add it. I also use crystals, feathers or anything that the universe is giving me in the process.

The painting will be done when it is done. Sometimes that will be a few weeks, sometimes a few months, depending on the process and alignment. I will send photo's of it before I ship it to you. (shippingcost with track & trace is included in the price)


There's also an option available to pay in a payment plan of 500 euro over 3 months. If you want this option, please send me an e-mail: [at]


      Custom Higher self portrait as Sacred portal

      • The postcards will be send by mail. The posters and bigger prints are send by parcel.

        I will send out your order within 3 business days.