You are not crazy, you are awakening.

After my hypnosis time travel experience, a door was opened into my consciousness. I started to see vibrations. Around things, plants, people, the wind, music, etc. But especially from my fingers.

My arms started to move and respond to these vibrations. It seemed as if my arms were moving 'by themselves'. I didn't understand anything about this at the time. Everything was a jumble, it moved, and everything was connected. I couldn't make any soup from this. I was constantly distracted by it and it was still difficult for me to focus on things.

I began to share what I saw with my environment at the time. Very sweet, the friends I had around me then expressed their concerns. They advised me to have an MRI scan of my brain. Because they did not see what I saw, so I may have a tumor in my brain. Or maybe I was going crazy? I began to live in fear. Will I be sick? Am I going crazy? I wanted to convince myself that I had ended up in a fairytale world, that felt much safer. But I went to the doctor anyway.

"Doctor, my arms move by themselves. Especially at night! And I see things that others don't. Can I have an MRI scan of my brain?"

"Oh" said the doctor. "Then you might suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. That is more common among artists."

So I was allowed to enter the medical mill. I was going to have an MRI scan made. Talk to a psychologist and get a test for carpal tunnel syndrome. None of the counselors actually listened to my situation, and I soon realized that they were all in a "if this, then that" programming. Outside those lines, no coloring was allowed.

Carpal tunnel syndrome could not be measured. There was nothing to be seen in my brain either. And the psychologist who tried to convince me that what I saw didn't exist. I was soon completely done with this shit.

I decided to go on a world trip. Looking for answers.

To express my experience, I made this drawing.

After 6 years of experience and research, I now understand that I saw the subtle frequencies of matter. Everything here on Earth consists of frequencies. Color, sound, shape, feeling, thoughts, life, spirit, the elements etc. Everything consists of frequencies. The lower the frequency, the firmer the material. The higher, the more subtle. Does this sound too woo for you? Then grab your physics books! Because you should have learned this at school.

I like water as an example. When made cold, the molecules vibrate more slowly. That makes it solid. We call this ice. When we heat it, the molecules vibrate faster and it evaporates in steam. This also allows hard metals to melt and even dissolve in gas. We humans can still see gas with the naked eye, but no longer the vibrational frequencies afterwards. That doesn't mean they aren't there. We cannot see infrared and ultraviolet either, but they do exist.

In retrospect, I see that this was a step in my awakening process from 3D to 5D.

A pretty scary step that many others will also go through in these amazing times.

You are not crazy, you are awakening

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