You might have noticed people telling you to WAKE UP! And you might feel great resistance 😡 towards that phrase. As if they are woke and you are asleep. As if they are worth more and you are worth less. But is that really the case?

What does waking up really mean? Waking up to what? And how do you know if you are WOKE or not? 🛌

🦋 What does waking up mean? Waking up means to Wake up out of pre-programmed patterns and behaviour towards the free will of your soul.

It is waking up from 🐛 indoctrination, dogma, religion, cultural programming and/or school. Towards the truth of your soul 🦋 and activate the energetic senses of your intuitive system. Going from our 5 senses towards hundreds of senses.

All though reading books 📖 or following spiritual teachers can guide you towards the entrance of finding truth, you still have to step through the door yourself. 🚪🚶‍♀

Finding the truth of your soul, which is lying underneath the program ⚙️ that is manifesting your reality through your beliefs, is the process of waking up.

Waking up is a life long process. 🧭

When you find yourself fantasising about what you actually want to do but you are still making up excuses why you can’t, you haven’t woken up your soul to that part yet.

When you are still searching for what you want, you will first experience what you don't want. So that you will know what you want. 🗝

When there are still beliefs in your system, coming from cultural programming, that keep you from doing what you know to be healthy 🧭 and what you know to be right for you, you haven't woken up to that part yet.

Woke or not, your soul is always worth endlessly. 💎 Only the ego can develop ego esteem that overrides your soul esteem. Ego esteem 🚀 comes from beliefs that you have to have certain accomplishments to be worthy or you will lose esteem from shaming yourself.

Getting to safety, security, esteem and survival is the game we are all playing.

Waking up to your needs and the harmful shadow, that get these needs met subconsciously, is a huge part of waking up. 🌸

Only when you are in the present, can you start so see behind your programming ⚙️ and understand the principles of creation. In present time you see the principles of your motherboard that is wired in a certain way within you, wired cycles within cycles. creating paradoxes. ☯

Certain cycles can be very destructive. ⚙️ Only to accept that these destructive cycles are active, can you transform them to something better. You have to feel through it to see what beliefs are keeping these cycles in place.

The biggest paradox is that trauma will keep you from being in the present time, it will time warp you to the past, but you heal trauma by being present. 🧬 Start with being present with that past. Through giving love ❤️ to these emotions that are triggered and being present with them.

Healing your trauma’s is a huge part of waking up. 🦋

If you can't feel emotions or if you are getting panick attacks, there are beliefs programmed and wired within you, that feeling these emotions makes you a bad person. ☯

Waking up to your soul is not easy. It is hard work. 🧬 There are many layers. Layers of illusion to break through.

But it is worth it! ✨ It gives you harmony, inner piece, happiness, joy and a meaningful live.

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