The forbidden illustration

After I got hypnotized and had my first time travel experience, (see blogpost 1)

I saw this vision in a trip on a party.

It was very vivid. It was bright. It was familiar. It was light.

It didn’t matter where I looked. I saw these eyes in the triangle everywhere, infinite.

And every time I winked with my eyes, I saw all the eyes wink too.

So I knew it was my eye.

This vision turned out to be part of the activation of my Robotic Arms I can do Energetic surgery with.

Little did I know what journey was lying ahead of me.

I was so mesmerized by this vision. It made a huge impact. So I started searching for the meaning of it.

I found out that the eye in the triangle was called the all seeing eye. I googled it and I found a website talking about the illuminati, all seeing eye and the inner earth.

I was like. WTF did they smoke? I never heard of it before.

I also found the connection with the Free masons and the connection with Egypt; sun god Horus and RA. I did not have any consciousness on whatever that meant.

Except that when I saw the website of the freemasons, my arms started moving by themselves, pulling out my tongue. And when I saw Horus, my arms moved around and pointed to my third eye.

I did not know what was happening to me. My arms just seemed to randomly move. It was scary but at the same time I was curious and I could feel the magic of it, so I also kinda liked it.

I called the hypnotizer for an explanation. Since I though the hypnosis might had to do something with it.

We did some hypnotizing tricks with automatic drawing. I drew a heart with an Unalome /

Buddha-path symbol. I didn’t knew what that meant at that time, so I believed it was all pure nonsense.

Whenever I slept, my arms started their own journey. Doing all kind of things. It was very scary. One time I woke up in full bridge pose in my bed. It felt like I woke up to an exorcist movie, as if I was being possessed. At this time I thought I was going crazy and was really really scared.

So the meaning of this vision became really important to me and I decided to digitally create the vision so I could communicate with people about it.

I started traveling around the world to seek for answers.

When I showed people this illustration, I found a lot of people got scared of it. Ran away from me or became weird. I adapted the belief that this vision was bad, wrong and dark.

When I learned more about the freemasons and the illuminati, I started to understand why people got scared of it. I got scared too. I tried sharing it in a Facebook group once but I got hate speech and people saying I was from the devil.

When I shared it with someone who turned out to be a free mason.

He said I couldn’t have made this and that I was lying.

I started believing that bringing this illustration out to the public was going to harm me really bad.

I started to believe that, my arms pulling out the tongue, meant I was not allowed to speak about this and that I made a huge mistake making this illustration. I went through so much shame and guilt, while tripping over my own narcissism with all of this.

Only when I went through all the conspiracy layers of our collective consciousness and bringing the underlying occult symbolism to the light, I could find that there was nothing dark about this vision.

It turns out to be an amazing archetypal representation of the divine masculine & feminine and the Holy child of Enlightenment.

The black and white checkerboard is the base consciousness of duality thinking.

The two pillars are the inner Mystical Father and inner Mystical Mother and the All seeing eye stands for the inner child that feels safe to discover and explore. Without judgement, learning to discern.

The path to enlightenment. Self parenting. Reprogramming your inner wounded parents into Mystical Parents, so that your inner child can play freely and happily. Being cared for. Being protected.

The time felt now to finally share this illustration openly in the public!

You can get prints HERE

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