Never stop playing!

As a down to earth chick I didn't like spirituality. But after this experience, my consciousness opened and I couldn't go back. My journey started in late 2014 when I was hypnotized in a show at a festival.

For the first time I got a time travel experience. Time is linear in the third dimension, but not in other dimensions. Where the frequencies do not have a fixed form in matter, past, present and future exist at the same time.

With my feathers in my hair and my new blue outfit, I was hypnotized and sent to a childhood memory. I went through a kind of wormhole that I later saw in time travel films.

I ended up in a childhood memory. On a beautiful summer day in the garden. I saw my 4 year old playing with my imaginary friend I used to have. I remembered it well.

Only now I was in the place of the imaginary friend I used to have. My 4 year old I turned out to be talking to me now. The blue outfit and the feathers in my hair were also the image I had of my imaginary friend in the past.

I realized that, as a 27 year old Mapije, I was in contact with the 4 year old Marije, who was about to change her name to Mapije through a writing error.

I advised my little self: Never stop playing!

After this experience, my whole life changed. Because what I didn't know then is that around this age I went through a deeply traumatic experience. Hidden in my subconscious. In my core programming a big wound that has affected much of my life.

But because of this time-traveling experience, I put an extra code in the same core programming. "Never stop playing."

This program completely changed my path. That which could have been all darkness and damnation transformed into loving kindness and wise lessons. Because the frequency that this code carries opened up possibilities for healing.

After this hypnosis experience, I left the festival early to make a digital painting to record the experience.

This was the start of a series of spiritual paintings that serve as a kind of diary of my journey.

If this story and the painting touches and inspire you. Then you can buy prints of the painting here.

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