My First Encounter with Transformer arms.

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

This happened at the very beginning of my spiritual journey in 2014. My arms just started to move around by themselves (see previous blogposts) and I was still curious to explore what this was about.

I was going to take magic mushrooms with a friend.

Luckily, I was always very careful with this, because I was so sensitive.

While I was in the mushroom trip, my third eye started to blow up.

What I now started seeing was really scary. I looked at my right arm and from the top of my fingers, I saw my arm melting away. Like, very realistic!

I didn't dare to look at my arm anymore, but I got a glimpse of something that looked like a robotic transformer arm. I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT WHILE I WANTED TO STAY CALM!

It felt so scary. That I started distracting myself and pretent like I didn't see any of this.

I dont feel anything.

I don't see anything.

Nothing happened!

I did my best to suppress and deny my fears!

After the trip, I ended up with having weird shit around my arm. It felt as if something/someone or some energy/entity, had "borrowed" my robotarm and gave it back filthy.

My arm started to feel not mine anymore. It felt filthy and disturbed.

Now I got REALY REALY scared.

It felt so bad, that at one point, I wanted to chop of my right arm. (The one I make art with.)

Luckily I never did.

I didn't know where to go. Finally, via via, there was one person I was told to go to. This person helped me clear this filthy energy from my arm. I thought all this shit was super weird and crazy.

After this, I started losing my shit. I was scared to loose my arm. I was scared to never be able to make art anymore. I was scared that I was getting mentally ill. I was scared that I was ending up in a mental health hospital. Especially after my journey in the normal health industry.

But I got some good advice that really helped;

The person who helped me take off that filthy energy, gave me the idea of wearing a bracelet with crystals to protect my arm.

A few days later, I received in my third eye the image of a kinetic eye of Horus bracelet, with a crystal. As a coping mechanism I started to make this. For a little while this bracelet was my anchor. It got me feel more safe again and I started traveling the world, looking for answers.

This was the beginning of my journey around the world. But also, the journey of exploring Artworks as Portals and Jewelry as Energetic supporters.

Later on I didn't need it's protection anymore so I kept designing and made more of these bracelets to sell and be helpful to others too! Along my journey I found this bracelet is meant for supporting you with gaining selfawareness.

You can buy it HERE The artwork can be found HERE.

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