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Where ever you are on your journey. Activating your Magical Child Archetype, will blow up the magic in your life. Whether this is in relationships, your business, your job, or whatever. The Magical child has a frequency that is Magnetic and so much fun!

To really activate your Magical child within, we need to go on a journey to meet the wounded child first and make it feel safe. I'll be using constellations, Energy Surgery, trauma healing and my creative skills, to help activate your Magical child.

Our world consists of archetypes myths and (fairy)tales.

On this sacred journey we find out what your magical child fairytale is and how you can use that as a guide to heal your wounds.

Through the symbolism and archetypes of Magical child fairytales and Myths, such as: Alice in Wonderland, Narnia, Peter Pan, Pippi Longstocking, Harry Potter, Never ending Story, the wizard of oz etc. we find the wisdom and guidance that is relevant for your healing journey of your wounded child.

Our wounded inner child goes hand in hand with our Magical inner child. Our magical inner child goes to other dimensions and fantasy realms to escape the pain. But finds out soon, that the wounds are in these realms too. The wounded child gets scared and has nowhere to run or hide. Darkness has taken over the land.

through the lookingglass

But the magical child finds a magical guide, who gives the child faith, strength and wisdom, to overcome the fears and heal the wounds. The wounded child learns how to become friends with the darkness. Making the pain sacred. Integrating the wounds. Healing the fantasy realms and your reality.

To support your wounded child on this sacred heroes journey, I help you reconnect with your inner magical child and her Magical Guide.


With this connection you'll be guided to make your pain sacred. So that true wisdom and universal love can enter your life and spread to everyone around you that has the privilege to know you.


This is a 4 session journey with me, 1 on 1

We will go and look where your inner child feels stuck, abandoned or suppressed. Becoming aware of the inner father, mother and child dynamics.

It includes constellation work, psychic surgery and creative work.


Schermafbeelding 2021-04-15 om 19.28.14.

Investment is 1444,- usd

Pay in full

or 6 x 265 usd

Payment plan

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