Light portraits as Sacred Portals

We wan't to get rid of the evil in the world, but in order to feel good, we must believe that we are good. So we often blame others for the evil in the world. Our ego's are designed  to protect us from feeling pain like guilt and shame. Because of this, we automatically hide our flaws into the subconscious. Therefore we have a shadow, that what we don't know that we don't know. 

Facing our own shadows by being present with unpleasant emotions will help to understand why they are here and what they need from you to integrate. Not to get rid of it, but to use it for certain situations. That's what Shadow integration is.

Our consciousness exists of a lot of parts. Like the Law of Correspondence; As above, so below, we have whole society inside ourselves. But in our first 7 years, we have learned that certain parts are unacceptable. In order to survive, we've put them into our subconscious. They were great tools during that time, but when we grow up, these parts start to scream louder and louder to get their attention.

Wanting to get rid of a part is hating yourself. What these parts need is attention and love.
Shadow integration seems our only way out of the mess that humanity has created.


When these subconscious destructive patterns come to the moment of soul devastation, we go into the dark night of the soul to let go of our old self and have the opportunity to actually listen and be present with the parts that are part of these patterns. If this is you, you are in a spiritual revolution. Hang in there, you are turning from a caterpillar, who can only see things from the ground, into a butterfly, who can see from the sky.

This theory seems simple, but it is hard work. Because all our lives we have been programmed to run away from unpleasant emotions. When we go into these shadows, for transformation, we can get overwhelmed. We can get lost in the dark. But always remember, you are not alone. We are here for each other to help us getting there. That's why I made a list of how to do shadow integration work.


If you feel like you need extra energetic support on your journey, I offer "Sacred light portal portraits" for those who want a daily reminder of their inner light and strength, when going through hard times. I developed a guided meditation in which we go back to before you were born. To see the symbols and portal of your life path and your archetypal life mission. We go on a journey to see symbols, colors, a flower and an animal that will guide you through your shadow and situations of despair.

These symbols and colors will open a portal that guide you on your life path and life mission. The flower symbolises your characteristics. The animal will help you go through difficult situations that are connected to your blueprint.

For example, in my vision I saw a red rose and a wolf. The red rose stands for it's incredible beauty and power in passion but has also thorns that can hurt when you touch it at the wrong place. The wolf is guided well by it's instinct, is wild and can be very intelligent. The wolf helps me going through difficult situations that is challening my trust in certain situations.

As soon as my portal was finished, the universe gave me the opportunity to break through an old destructive cycle that have almost costed my life in the past. With the energy of the rose and the wolf, I finally had the power to break this cycle for the first time.

Portal Light Portrait

Custom made Light Portrait

created by Mapije

PRICE: 1111,-

Portal Light workshop

Create your own portal

in a workshop given by Mapije

PRICE: 450,-

Art as a portal

In the past I've had magical experiences where paintings opened portals for my life. A print of a portrait of me in Alice in Wonderland theme was discovered by a friend of mine to be sold in a small shop in Australia. (oh universe, you can be so unexpected!) I saw this as a hint to go to Australia.


When I arrived at the town where it was found, I met a girl named Alice. She brought me to her house with all cute doors and mushrooms and a beautiful garden. I stayed at her place for a while and had this great Alice in Wonderland experience. It was funny because I just made an Alice inspired dress out of an old tablecloth. That this was happening, really blew my mind according to the power or Art.


I've also had experiences where I drew something that happened right afterwards. It freaked me out at first. The power of art is so much stronger then I ever imagined. Artworks are like portals to dimensions. When we make art with this level of consciousness, we can use it for our benefit.


These light-portraits that I make, will open up a portal for you. It will remind you of your light and beauty so that when you dive deep into your shadows, you can always come back to the light.

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