Healing portraits

Artworks are portals, when we use this consciously, we can open up portals to soul esteem and confidence.

Lightworkers are called to the shadows with their wounding, to shine light upon the darkness.

What is in one is in the whole. By doing our own shadowwork, we see the shadows of the collective and are able to integrate it in ourselves. By doing this, we automatically, tansform the environment around us.

Just like the light, the shadows are infinite and we can drown in it. To support lightworkers on their journey, my soul is called to offer Light portraits that open portals to your higher self. So that you always have a cord towards your higher self, even when life becomes very challenging and you are diving deep into the shadows. Giving you extra support and confidence in your journey.

How does it work?

I have recorded a guided meditation where I guide you to the place before you were born. From there you enter the gate towards this life. On the journey towards the womb of your mother you will see symbols, colors, a flower, a gift of your ancestors and an animal that will support you in this life time. I will paint the visions you receive in this meditation together with a portrait of you.

These symbols and colors will open a portal that guide you on your life path and life mission. The flower symbolises your characteristics. The animal will help you go through difficult situations that are connected to your blueprint. As you will naturally receive more animals along your journey in different time periods that asks different kind of energies, this animal will always be in the background supporting you.

For example, in my vision I saw a red rose and a wolf. The red rose stands for it's incredible beauty and power in passion, but has also thorns that can hurt when you touch it at the wrong place. The wolf is guided well by it's instinct, is wild and can be very intelligent. The wolf helps me go through difficult situations that is challening my trust in certain situations, to become aware of my underlying instincts.

In the proces of making the painting, crystals, feathers or other objects will come to me that I add on the painting to amplify the energetic powergrid of the painting. If you have any special crystals or objects from your childhood that want's to be on the painting, I can add that too.


Why I am called to do this

From the moment I could hold a pencil, I was drawing people and faces. I have drawn over a thousands of faces in my life. When I was traveling the world, I was supporting myself drawing portraits on the streets. Painting portraits is one of my genius passions.


I know what it is like to walk through hell and how much energetic support means when going there doing shadow work. There is soo much work to do. So many layers we find within ourselves and so much collective shadows to transform. But it gets so much easier when we support each other and work together.

As soon as my own portal was finished, the universe gave me the opportunity to break through an old destructive cycle that have almost costed me my life in the past. It was very powerful to finally see through it and be able to act upon it. I got really excited about this concept and so I am here to serve and support you, with this beautiful soulful magical artpiece.


When you are called to receive a light portal we will do a video call so we get to know each other a bit. I will then send you the meditation and you can do that in your own holy space. After you've journalled about it, we do another video call and you will communicate your visions to me. Send me a photo of you that I will use as reference and if you have any crystals or objects from childhood, you can also send that to me.

I will paint the painting with oil paint on a canvas of 60 x 50 cm in a ceremonial way. It will be finished when it is finished, depending on the process and alignment of the universe. I send you a copy of the composition I will start with and a photo of the result before I ship it to you. You get one round of possible changes you would like to add, so we are both happy with the result.


The price for a Light portrait personally painted for you is 1600 euro incl. tax. and shippingcost.

Interested? Send me an email to Mapije.nl[@]gmail.com (without the hooks)

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Art as a portal

In the past I've had magical experiences where paintings opened portals for my life. A print of a portrait of me, in Alice in Wonderland theme, was discovered by a friend of mine to be sold in a small shop in Australia. (oh universe, you can be so unexpected!) I saw this as a hint to go to Australia.


When I arrived at the town where the print was found, the first person I meet is a girl named Alice. She brought me to her Wonderland house with all cute doors and mushrooms and a beautiful garden. I stayed at her place for a while and had this great Alice in Wonderland experience. It was funny because I just made an Alice inspired dress out of an old tablecloth earlier. That this was happening, really opened my mind according to the power or Art and how it created portals.


I've also had experiences where I drew something that happened right afterwards. It freaked me out at first. The power of art is so much stronger then I ever imagined. Artworks are like portals to dimensions. When we make art with this level of consciousness, we can use it for our benefit.


These light-portraits that I make, will open up a portal for you. It will remind you of your light and beauty so that when you dive deep into your shadows, you can always come back to the light.

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