I woke up in full bridge pose in my bed. "Again?" I thought.

First my arms started to move around by themselves, now my whole body.

I was scared AF. As if I got possessed during the night.


I started traveling the world searching for answers and met several shamans and high priestesses who showed me; Your crown chakra is like an airstrip for spirits to inhabit and take control over your body.


I had to learn how to consciously work with this. Now several Cosmic Archetypes come to dance with me and use my transformer arms, that can transform into energetic tools, to co-create more of their magic here on earth.

Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth has been knocking on my door for a while now. I was introduced to her mantra's last year and everytime I listened to it,

I received cash injections. So after this happened 3 times in a row,

I knew she wanted me to join forces with me and spread this magic for you.

This is an ONLINE ENERGY SURGERY PERFORMANCE on 14 dec (REPLAY AVAILABLE) where I will be dancing with LAKSHMI so that she can do Energy Surgery on the audience. Through a zoom meeting.


She clears receiving blocks and gives cash injections that will manifest in your life by the practical steps YOU take afterwards, from the energy she gives you.

If you want to receive this magic, make sure you are sitting comfortable in a place where you can't be disturbed for an hour.