Mapije's Jewelry

The design of this kinetic bracelet came to me in a vision at the beginning of my herous journey.

It's the eye of Horus, the Egyptian Sun God. The holy child born out of the sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine together; Isis and Osiris. The all seeing eye. The eye for protection. The enlightened child.

Also called the eye of Ra, which is the one Law of Love. The all is one truth, that will give protection throughh the 'all is one power grid', when we live according to this truth.

It is designed and made, through new technology 3D printing in bronze alloyed metal, Nickel free. I put the parts together by hand. This material is super strong and is indestructible, super quality! I once lost one for 4 days on a dancefloor and after 4 days of stepped on, danced on in the sand, the bracelet didn't had a scratch when found back. It can probably last for generations long. The bracelet comes with a crystal, a box and a scarf.

When life get's to serious, it will wink you out of it. ;)