My work is for those who feel the call to dive deep. Healing deep trauma's and clearing energetic blocks on multidimensional levels. I've been initiated into the shamanic realms and can help you in your breakthrough.



I've got free trainings on energywork & archetypes in my facebook group here.



You can buy seperate short courses here.


You can get seperate Energy Healing sessions here.


For a longer commitment and deep lasting transformation, I have these options available.

MAGICAL CHILD ACTIVATION; 4 x 1:1 sessions spread over a few months, to help heal deep wounds.

Through healing the inner wounded child by working with the inner magical child, you create deep roots for your esteem system.  This creates a firm foundation for your own vertical power and gives space and opportunity to activate Mystical archetypes such as the Queen, King, Magician etc. etc. More info here.

DRAGON TRAINING; min. 3 month commitment

If you want to focus on 1 survival archetype in particular, you can join my Dragon Training Mastermind, where we dive deep into one Dragon: the roots of a survival archetype. Survival archetypes that I call Dragons, will never leave us because they are connected to our survival instincts. But we can learn how to tame these Dragons, so that they don't control our life that much.


PRIVATE COACHING; minimal 3 month commitment

When you get 1:1 coaching with me, you get EVERYTHING of all the above. We will map out your survival archetypes and see what you need, to go through your dark night and shift your life for real, or help you out of your dark night. Healing deep wounds for some epic transformation.


I use the power of your inner magical child to do trauma integration work + energetic surgery to heal wounds.

With psychic surgery we can dissolve limiting core beliefs that are coming from your survival archetypes so that you can de-activate them with more ease. I also work with constellations and archetype-cards.


1:1 deep dive with me is minimal 3 months and is $1444 a month. (Payment plans available)

This includes a session every week and having me in your DM's for questions.

If you are interested in intense 1:1 coaching/healing sessions with me,

send me a message so we can set up a free call and see if we are the right match! There will be no pressure, just a humble connection!


Activate the powers of your magical child to heal deep inner child wounds so that you can live in alignment with your purpose and create the life you desire.


Here you can see an overview of the online trainings that are available. More to come in the future.