When I started doing this work, I didn't realise how sacred and deep this goes. This is not for those who think it's 'fun' or are curious "how I would look like".

This is a very sacred process of translating your essence energy into form. This brings you to your deepest roots and memories of who you truly are.

This is for leaders who are ready to really stand into their true essential power. Who want to grow roots so deep that they can stand tall in their sacred mission, no matter what.

This is for those who truly understand how sacred this is because I am working with your SOUL. How deep this will bring you into who you are and how that manifests your most optimal potential of your true self. How your life comes to fruition with such deep roots and the ripple effect that it brings into the world.

When you connect with your essential soul self, you heal. Because you start to feel the difference between who you truly are and what is toxic cultural programming.

The soul self carries your deepest knowing, your intuition, your guidance and your soul esteem. It is powerful medicine and puts you right on your aligned path.


It includes an Energy Surgery session so that I can first clear your system and see your essence energy. You can either buy a package of Energy Surgery and the Essence painting below, (payment plan available) or you can buy it seperately, depending on how deep you want the Energy Surgery to be and how much you want to invest in your energy.



When doing Energy Surgery, I clear negative energies so that the essence of your soul becomes visible to me. This is already a very powerful operation where your energy and chakra's are cleared and strengthened.

After the Energy Surgery session, I'll be using a photo of you for reference, that I can pick from your social media, or you can send me a photo that you like.

I'll be painting and drawing the energies in Photoshop/Illustrator that I've seen in the Energetic Operation. Which is a very delicate process of using the right colors and shapes. Images start flowing through me and my transformer arms can translate the energy into form.

When it's ready, I'll take the time through a zoom meeting to deliver the Essence Portrait for you and you'll be given the digital file so you can print it in your home town. (only after all payments are paid if you use the payment plan.)

It takes at least a few weeks to make.

But I'll trust the creation timing is always Divine Timing.

You can buy a package of Energy Surgery + Essence Portrait. OR if you've already had your energy surgery session or want to invest more in your energy, you can buy it seperately.

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4 monthly x $410

If your browser doesn't support this payment method, you can contact me HERE