Heal your multidimensional energetic bodies with Energetic Surgery.

Let stuck energy flow again so that your alignment comes natural.

Energetic blocks, fears and doubts resolve into flow & ease.



Since 2014, I have gone through a very profound awakening journey. I woke up into an ancient advanced technology where my arms energetically transform into different "multidimensional surgery tools" to work with energy.

This is not something I learned in a course, rather a shamanic initiation connected to my sacred wounds, bringing these gifts to the world.

You can understand it as some kind or Reiki or Acupuncture, but more on a multidimensional level, also working through karma, ancestral & pastlifes.

I can see and feel negative energies, entities and blocks. My energy-tools are used to create a light, flowing and strong energetic field that has an effect on your health, freedom, money, relationships, choices and alignment.


In this session we'll work on 3 old rusty limiting beliefs that just don't want to change and sabotage your life. You go into the feeling of the belief and I alchemise / change the frequencies of the belief so that all frequencies that are not true and therefore negative, will dissolve. Because it's changed at the core level of energy; your beliefs, actions and patterns connected to that belief become like empty shells without the energetic charge it used to have. Therefore change becomes much easier now.

This works the best if you:

  • Have done your shadowwork

  • Know your sabotaging patterns

  • Are aware of the beliefsystems underneath the patterns.

  • Have the desire to stand more firm in your power.

and I get it:

  • You've tried affirmations over a thousand times

  • You've tried hypnosis, multiple times.

  • You've spend thousands of dollars on coaches wanting to break through.

But you keep falling back in these old beliefs that are so deeply engraved in your system.
They have been there for so long, you can't possibly imagine how life would be like without them.

With this ancient technology, we can change the belief within one session. For good.

Align into your power & purpose.


In this session we go some layers deeper. This session includes the limiting core beliefs but also does integration work. This means that while you integrate the feelings of trauma, I can do energy surgery on your inner child. This collapses a lot of time in your healing process.

Next to that we do another session where I also work on all your chakra's and organs, because they are working together. It's like a full body operation on all your chakra's. So that any negative energy that becomes visible will be transformed. Some of these energies are connected to karma, ancestral or pastlife stuff, old identities, beliefs and/or wounds.

The connection with source and with the primal crystals of the earth will be cleaned and strengthened. So you leave with a powerful connection with the universe and the earth, working together. Strengthening your spine. Making you stronger to work with your lessons in life.

We'll work through 1 or 2 zoom meetings.

Be sure to be in a space where you can't be disturbed and can lay down or sit up,

while I can see you through the camera of your mobile device.

A few days after, we have an after-care contact moment where you can share how you are doing.

The price for this complete session is 678 USD / 575 euro incl. TAX

Feel a YES? Send me a message to schedule a booking!



I woke up in the middle of the night because my arms started to

move around by itself. I was scared AF, because I didn't

understand what was happening to me.

This is how my spiritual journey started in 2014.

Since I had stopped using fluoride toothpaste for a while,

my third eye flushed more open.

I saw my arms transform into machine parts that could click

into cosmic machines & opening portals


I didn't dare tell to anyone anymore, because when I did, I was judged,

thought of as crazy and being ridiculed.

I didn't understand it and I thought I was going crazy too. I tried seeking help

in the health industry, but I ended up feeling not taken seriously, not being heared

and I realized I had to go figure this out on my own.


I dove into the depths of darkness of myself to understand what was happening to me.

I went traveling the world, to look for answers.


"You are a healer, welcome to the club!" - people told me.


Okay great! But how does this work? And when is that safe? Can I screw up?

Little by little I learned more about the world of energy, chakras and about my

apparently Robotic arms that could transform into stuff.


I learned about the dark side of society, the oppression, the manipulation and how we are all under spells that create our reality. I learned about my own dark side and fell flat on my face a thousand times. I got into manipulative and abusive relationships that almost killed me. After doing so much shadowwork, I found out that I was sexually abused between my 4th to 6th.

With the help of many shamans and healers, everything started to become more clear.

I found out I had a 'multidimensional tool-shed' full of 'Multidimensional tools' that my arms can transform into (energetically) to work with energy. Which means I can also heal energetic bodies.


When I stumbled upon the word "Energetic Surgeon," something started to click in my mind. ah! So that's what it is!

After a long struggle with dark entities that sucked my energy through my sacred childhood wound, I became initiated as an Energetic Surgeon. I saw how my sacred wound is an important part of this.

Finally, my curse transformed into a gift.

The time is finally ready to use it well.

Matter is energy, so when I work on your energetic bodies, it affects your material body.

Think of it as a kind of acupuncture or Reiki, but then I work in my very own way. On all energetic bodies on a multidimensional level.

Through specific energetic tools that are available to me.


I have not learned this from a course, but I have awakened into it through shamanic initiations. It is actually an ancient advanced technology that has been suppresses by society. If you want to know more about my story, go check out my art, as I used that to express myself in difficult times.