You’ve got all the shadow work tools, trauma healing tools, the limiting belief shifting tools that have always worked for you. But some layers just can’t be reached with the tools you have!

Here's where my work can help you!



Since 2014, I have gone through a very profound awakening journey. I woke up into an ancient advanced technology where my arms energetically transform into different "multidimensional surgery tools" to work with energy.

This is not something I learned in a course, rather I've gone through several shamanic initiations, connected to my sacred wounds.

I can see and feel energies, entities and blocks very clear as I am born with an above average, big third eye. The energy-tools my arms can transform in, can clear, release and enhance your energetic field to support your channel of personal power, sovereignty and leadership.


There are two different options available that I have to offer to you:


This option is for when you want a general clearing and boost your divine channel, to stay strong in your leadership. Just like we go to the dentist twice a year to get our teeth checked and cleaned, it's also very smart to get a deep check and clearing of your energetic field once in a while.


In this one session you just lay down and relax and I'll see what I can find in your field to clear. This is a complete chakra cleaning where I remove all the negative energies, entities, cut out, rewire, dissolve, close portals, place crystals or what all not, that is coming up to fucking blast open that divine channel of yours.

So you can step SUPER aligned into your next Quantum Leap.

There are multiple price points available so you can choose the level of power you are ready to receive. As ofcourse in any transition, the law of giving and receiving is part of the energetics. Session is through ZOOM.


This option is for when you have a certain pattern in your life that is a pain in the fcking ass. There are rusty beliefs & deep trauma underneath this pattern and you could definitely use some help with his.

As much as you use your own amazing tools, have done SO MUCH trauma integration already. This pattern is just a mother fucker. Clusters of rusty old patriarchial limiting beliefs and a deep energetic charge of a lot of pain is underneath this pattern, making it seem impossible to shift.

Mapije is here to support you in this!!

In multiple sessions we dive deep in the trauma and limiting beliefs together.

While you integrate it, my transformer arms will do some magic! They guide the energy to shift, integrate, release, let frozen energy melt, close portals and what ever comes up, when you integrate and work with your inner child.

This option is multiple sessions so that you have the time to integrate the work we've done and become aware of the next layer coming up. This way we can really get some deep change happening for you! Without the fear that you're paying for something that 'does not work' or not seeing results.

There's often a time of 4 to 5 weeks between each session and often 2, 3 or 4 sessions are enough to see real lasting change. (with a maximum of 7) Sessions are with ZOOM. (Limited spots available for the huge discount.)

NOTE: This is not for anyone who wants to be saved from themselves, but for those who save themselves. You need to be familiar with shadowwork and trauma integration.



It was 2014, I was about to turn 28 years old in a few months.

I woke up in the middle of the night, because my arms

started to move around by itself. I was scared AF, because I didn't

understand what was happening to me.

Since I had stopped using fluoride toothpaste for a while,

my third eye flushed more open.

I saw my arms transform into machine parts that could click

into cosmic machines & opening portals.


I didn't dare tell to anyone anymore, because when I did, I was judged,

thought of as crazy and being ridiculed.

I didn't understand what was happening to me.

I thought I was going crazy too. I tried seeking help in the health industry,

but I ended up feeling not taken seriously, not being heared

and I realized I had to go figure this out on my own.


I dove into the depths of the unknown to understand what was happening to me.

I went traveling the world alone, to look for answers.


"You are a healer, welcome to the club!" - people told me.


Okay great! But how does this work? Is it dangerous? And when is that safe?

Little by little I learned more about the world of energy, chakras and about my

apparently Robotic arms that could transform into stuff.


I learned about the dark side of society, the oppression, the manipulation and how we are all under spells that create our reality. I faced my own shadows by gttting into manipulative and abusive relationships that almost killed me. After doing years of healingwork and shadowwork, I found out that I was sexually abused between my 4th to 6th.

With the help of many shamans and healers, everything started to become more clear.

I found out I had a 'multidimensional tool-shed' full of 'Multidimensional tools' that my arms can transform into to work with energy. Which means I can also heal energetic bodies and clear dark energies from bricks etc.


When I stumbled upon the word "Energetic Surgeon," something started to click in my mind.

ah! So that's what it is!

After a long struggle with dark entities that sucked my energy through my sacred childhood wound, I became initiated as an Energetic Surgeon through everything I learned to heal myself. I saw how my sacred wound is an important part of this. Finally, my curse transformed into a gift.

The time has come to now blast everyone's divine channel open with this, so we can rise together!


Matter is energy, so when I work on your energetic bodies, it affects your material body.

Think of it as a kind of acupuncture or Reiki, but then I work in my very own way.

Through specific energetic tools that are available to me.


I have not learned this from a course, but I have awakened into it through shamanic initiations.

It is actually an ancient advanced technology that has been suppresses by society, that more people are waking up to in their own way with their own unique skill!

If you want to know more about my story, go check out my art, as I used that to express myself in difficult times.


Along my journey I was initiated & learned energywork from a Japanese High Priestess, a South african white wizard, a powerful witch who learned from the African Xhosa, the Aboriginals, Indonesian Dukuns & indirect from the Q'ero shamans from Peru.


I've done a 4 year energetic training, clearing energies on egypt, lemuria, atlantis, orion, pleiades, sirius and much more. incl. deep trauma integration & shadowwork.


I have a Wheel of Life Master degree.

Reiki Master certificate.

Studying tarot, kaballah, Astrology, survival & cosmic archetypes since 2017

To keep my own system clean I do multidimensional detoxes and almost monthly Integral Pelvic Therapy to keep myself grounded, so that I can be of best service to my clients.


Not sure how I can help you? Let's connect through a zoom orientation call.