As I found that there are more coaches then people, I never wanted to be a coach.

"Just choose who you want to be and become it. Everything is possible!" is what I heard a lot of them say.


I found out this not to be true at all.

As life happens when I was busy making other plans, my path has been developing into the direction of becoming a life coach. With a specialtly in innerchildwork, working with the magical child to heal the wounded child.

Because I was confronted with my inner narcissist, there was no other way then to heal it. I found the cause; childhood trauma. In this journey I learned a lot about Natures Law and the Laws of our consciousness. Beyond religion, through the blueprint of the cosmos; Archetypes.


When the wounded inner child is not being listened to and worked with, it will be the archetype steering your whole life.

All your choices are made by the wounded inner child, trying to get to enough. Trying to be safe, secure and lovable.


Most of your choices in career, relationships and everything that you chase, like happiness, wealth, love, power, all the things.

Are run by your wounded inner child, also known as the wounded ego.


While you chase all these things, you forget that what you seek is right in front of you in the present time.

Wasting your life to an illusion, forgetting what is true.

Even though living in the present moment is the most courageous thing one can ever do.

When you hug the dragons you'll find in the present moment, you'll eventually get what you desire.

You stop chasing your life away and start living in the present moment full of love, abundance and power.


Activate the powers of your magical child to heal deep inner child wounds so that you can live in alignment with your purpose and create the life you desire.


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