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I was 4 years old when my mother taught me how to write my name and changed it from Marije to Mapije. I was always creating things, designing things and playing make believe. Staying in my zone and trying to run away from reality.


Then my spiritual awakening came at 28. I was thrown in the deep depths of mysticism, spirituality and psychology; I had to pick up the phone for my Hero's Journey. there seemed no other choice.


In order to express myself during this crazy time, I started painting and making jewelry. I started traveling all over the world to find answers of what was going on with me. On my journey, I met several wizards and witches who helped me gain understanding of the Laws of consciousness and the Laws of Nature. I realised that I was programmed, like most of us, by a shame based system, fixated on the mind for answers.

While learning to feel my body and my dark emotions stored in there, together with a lot of therapy and help from other beautiful souls, I found out I was raped at 4 years old. Which I had totally suppressed to survive. This experience made programs in my subconscious that were very dark, sabotaging and destructive. A big part of me left my body to cope with the pain, so getting grounded was hard and made me try many healing methods. In order to get my esteem going, I was trying to save others and the whole world, getting myself in .

This journey never ends, but along the way we pick up gifts and tools that we can share with others so that we can co-create our evolution together.

I am here to support the brave, those who want to walk their hero's journey to find their inner compass to their authenticity, healing their wounds, finding their life mission and purpose. Happiness and health is a natural byproduct of this work.  

I do this with making art and making online courses on spirituality, & mystisism.
I also make ceremonial costumes and leatherwork.


I love to unite and play together with other people, sharing knowledge and skills. So don't be shy to contact me.​

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