Once upon a time there was a little girl who was learning for the first time, how to write her name. 

Her mom explained her how to draw the symbols and told the little girl to write the 'r' as a stick with a little flag. As she was supposed to write down ‘Marije’, it became ‘Mapije’. (Pronounced Mapaiah) Because when the little girl looked at how a flag was shaped, the flag is like a square and not just one line! 

(Later on, she learned that her mom had a pennant in mind.)

The little girl was always living in her self created Wonderland. Drawing, tinkering, singing and dancing around in dresses. While her body became a grown up, internally she stayed a little girl. She started making and wearing her own dresses with little ribbons, lace and petticoats. As she was so encouraged to play and create, she decided to go to Art school. There the girl came in contact with other childlike grown ups, who ate from the magical mushroom and grew bigger in consciousness. She got curiouser and curiouser, but was very careful at the same time. 

Then she met the Mad hatter at a teaparty and got hypnotized in a show.
 The grown up girl was sent to a childhood memory, where she was around 4 years old, playing with her imaginary friend in the garden. "That is curious" she thought. "I look exactly like the imaginary friend I had at that age." Her lightblue clothes and feathers in her cute short hair, were similar to the image she had of her imaginary friend at that age. "I am also standing on the exact same place as my imaginary friend used to be." And so she discovered, that the grown up girl at age 27, was the imaginary friend she had when she was around 4 years old.


This time traveling loop changed the course of her entire life. Because she knew she had this opportunity to give her 4 year old self some advice. She knew exactly what to tell her younger self:




And so her spiritual journey began. This experience opened up something in her consciousness and manifestation became wild. She started having more curious experiences that weren't aways fun, rather very scary. So she decided to travel around the world to search for answers of what was happening with her.

While traveling alone, she got confronted with more darkness that was hiding within her. As she went deeper into Wonderland, her experience became curiouser and curiouser. Darker and darker. She was confused, scared and very vulnerable.

But the code, ‘Never stop playing!’ was stil running in the background of her mind and magical unexpected forces kept finding her, over and over again. Help and support were always around the corner. When she was in a dark place, the animals of the forest started talking to her, guiding her to safety. Then she found on the streets, a small little magical letter with her name on it. Guiding her towards the light.

With help of many guides, therapists and shamans, she started to unravel the secret trauma's that had happened around age 4 and were hiding in her subconscious, manifesting the darkness.

All throughout her profound journey, she realized the incredible power of Love and kindness.
But also the power of the mind, trauma and our emotions. How they shape our reality.
The magic of the elements, manifestation and how we co-create our world together.
How our world is reinforcing traumatic experiences through shame.

That there is a way to get out of the illusion of not being enough, that is not serving us anymore.

Mapije embodies the magical child archetype and uses this magical frequency to support healing wounds, doing shadowwork and finding (back) the magic alignment in your life.

How would your life be different, if you could integrate your shadows and heal your sacred wounds, while playing with the Magical child?

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